Hello, I am Claudette Osborne, a certified Professional Life Coach, Master Mindset Coach focusing on Mindset, Happiness, Goal Success, and Life Purpose. I am the Co-Founder and President of Osborne Stables Equine Rescue, Inc., a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit, as a Certified Equine Connection Learning Facilitator. I share my Coaching/Facilitation talent in Corporate Team Development, Life Skills and Personal Development program, partnering with horses in the experiential learning environment. I am also trained in Trauma-Focused/Awareness working horses. All proceeds in this program go to the care and needs of the horses.

Why Work With Me? Overcoming challenges with Claudette

Once upon a time, in a teenage girl’s quiet and isolated life, Claudette felt like she was the only one battling through trying and painful struggles. Behind closed doors, her family faced challenges that no one else could see, and she couldn’t bear the thought of her peers discovering her imperfect home life. This fear of judgment led her to keep her distance, and she became known as the secretive and quiet girl, affecting her focus in school.

But Claudette’s story doesn’t end there. She embarked on self-discovery and growth, learning to embrace imperfections with a non-judgmental eye. By practicing unconditional love and understanding, not just for herself but for others, she found a newfound strength within. She dared to believe in herself, to communicate openly, and to explore every aspect of life. The steps she took out of her comfort zone, the reflection, and the personal growth work she underwent all paved the way for her to move forward, more robust and wiser.

Having faced her challenges, Claudette developed a sincere empathy for all those going through tough times. She saw her experiences as a gift, a way to connect with others who needed support and guidance. Over the years, she became a mentor to troubled teen youth, extending her love and care to teenage females who were removed from their homes and were living in residential settings. Together with her husband, they fostered youth, and she played a significant role in her stepdaughter’s life during her last four years of high school. Claudette is a two-time victor of Ovarian Cancer, diagnosed in 2007, and given a 30% chance of survival and an estimated five years to live. Mindset is a big part of moving forward from life’s challenges.

Today, Claudette is a certified Master Life Coach, focusing on happiness, goal success, and life purpose. Her training in Trauma-Focused training further equips her to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. But her passion doesn’t stop there. Business owner/Entrepreneur, Founder of Powerful Perspective Coaching LLC and Co-Founder and President of Osborne Stables Equine Rescue, Inc., a 501 (C)3 non-profit horse rescue/refuge and education center. Claudette also shares her coaching and facilitation skills in the Team Building and Skills Development programs. Here, she combines her expertise with the gentle wisdom of horses in an experiential learning environment. All the proceeds from equine assisted programs go towards the care and well-being of these magnificent creatures.

Claudette aims to empower women to experience love, growth, and thriving. She believes that happiness is an inside game despite the challenging external influences that life throws us. With her coaching processes, tools, and exercises, she aims to provide a fresh perspective on life, guiding her clients toward a life of fulfillment and contentment.

So, if you’re feeling lost, stuck, or disconnected, let Claudette guide this journey of discovery, strategy, and transformation. Her own experiences have taught her that there are solutions to almost every problem, and she is more than willing to extend her hand to help you find them. Together, you can head off the damaging effects of disconnected relationships and embrace a life filled with purpose, happiness, and love. Let Claudette Osborne be the lighthouse to light the path, just as she has been for countless others. Your story deserves triumph and growth, and with Claudette by your side, you can overcome any obstacle and thrive like never before.

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